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infiammation of the mucous membrane. The surface is covered with

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tions and tend to gradually drop out of sight. This

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and bowels of the patient. Very active purgatives though they

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that as he stepped from the ship that brought him home

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following were admitted after examination as Fellows of

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efferent ducts grouped about the colliculus seminalis

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this direction with consequent changes in the pneumogastric nerve may

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The vacancy in the North west district was occasioned by the

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any Gram positive organisms. A stool that with Gram s

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of a hemorrhoid is much facilitated by putting the patient

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removed a gallon of hot salt solution was poured into the abdomen

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four years or the equivalent thereof which includes at least fifteen

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publislied in S the author h scribes and illustrates a method for

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the accounts that the capital stock which had been purchased

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lollen and form collections of thick creamy fluid resembling abscesses.

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cautions taken to prevent its spread that we may say roughly that

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original conjunctival incision should not be forgotten. A touch of silver nitrate

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of an Hospital Dispensary or other Public Institution recog

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charred masses involving the subcutaneous tissue and

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York Hospital but the air is warmed Ijeforc admission.

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zinc. It is a tonic for the nervous system just as iron

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double abductor paralysis. The patient gives a history of a luetic infection

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tion be given to the symptoms and the character of the stools.

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FEAF to coordinate all air evacuation activities. Even this move met with

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original plan of the book which is an excellent one

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strength is diminished. It is supposed that during the night

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to the ell OW jnint the proper position is with the arm

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once or twice daily or intermittently at various inter

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By the former it has been traced through the whole vertebrated scale

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physically and mentally fitted for school before he begins.

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cumbent manner on a sofa or chair so as to squeeze the

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dertakes to use that ordinary skill and care for the


characteristic of the symptom picture being dissociation

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person out of his district and will therefore not perform the operation.

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made a good recovery with the exception of severe lameness in

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form thickening of the lining mucous membrane and rea

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the townmeetings after Major Hawley had retired from