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were in a state of vascular engorgement. How absurd
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trephine six weeks afterwards the cure as complete. The
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of tuberculosis while of patients who were not improyed or who
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iating experiment as at the beginning of it there was
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to examine effect on contents of rumen. The presence within
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really abnormal about the stunted animals. For example the reproduc
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suggested by the woman Humbler or of murder as suggested
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our doctrines The effect of bloodletting in relieving the congestion in
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ever passed through the terrible experience of a personal
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myelitis but the changes which Dr. Thomas has found
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mined by placing the patient perfectly erect and bleeding to
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ulnar nerve are weak and atrophied. Isolated pain points
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through the medium of the cerebrospinal fluid. Occasionally a primary
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exalted and it is this same faculty which when invaded by painful
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vomiting. As a hepatic stimulant the use of Ipecac is
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vaccination. This is I am convinced the most important step
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with the convexity toward the affected side. The leg is also
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breathing without pain hoarseness or cough. Had lin
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crime was committed during an attack of insanity it
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question of criminal suo gestion discussed. If the author
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respiration thus excluding perirenal inflammation to
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explanation of the co ordination of the movements given by Duchenne
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the nesence of a widespread degeneration affecting the
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factor. We would consequently be wiser to accept the larger
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without any symptoms during life that indicated its pres
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injection before other toxines are produced. We all see such cases
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stances therefore the case seemed a most suitable one
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in the tincture of tlie pcrchloride of iron from the larger by
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recall locomotor ataxy. In several instances predominance of the para
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she nursed for three months during which time she became
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been taught to consider it he had found the cases in
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gress London Professor of Surgery in the Northwest
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f Essentially the same as Aspinwall s favorite drug. Spirits of Mindererus.
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an obstruction to the outlet of blood seated in the vena
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Hemophilia. Hemophilia is a condition in which the blood does
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Many English and French surgeons H. Cooper R. Martin
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Second the administration of moderate doses of such
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Its curative properties are positive and its strength and purity
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doubtedly underwent an attack of rheumatic fever at some
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it is expected that some day he will take up the profession of