September, 2016

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the fact though there has been infinite discussion of
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if he can help it. It is in fact the mineral impurities in
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Treatment. Strict milk isolation behind screens was prescribed. At
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exudate dullness and muffled heart sounds. In the advanced
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these when injected into animals were without effect.
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in that department including physicians representing Pediatrics and
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others Thus Mr. Hart who has no qualification at the West
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sive pruritus from pediculi corporis was the apparent
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in the order of frequency. This does not always exist
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are the product of disturbed or altered function of the epithelium of the
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greater the following distress. The kind of food does not influence
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complication of diseased heart and liver exists much more fre
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ever symptoms of tuberculosis of the lungs and abdominal
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tion of ideas. At length on the night of the d February
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cases of diphtheria of the vulva Coues W. P. hysterectouiy
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enterospasm. He also thought the question of autointoxi
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veins and the irritation which results solely from the distending
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is manifested by fibrous thickening of the peritoneum either diffuse or in the
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The coloured plates are in most cases excellent and they are
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Granville a piece of flannel being soaked in it and applied on each
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waste is disinfectant or purifying as in the case of chlorin
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is indeed the reverse of the truth. That the vertigo
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march the regiments to Alexandria for transportation.
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distinction is correct but it appears a priori by no means
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the cases he rejiorts were infected from mucous patches
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On Some Clinical Aspects of the Internal Secretions. Natctie of the Thy
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accompaniment either of renal disease or of uraemia.
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scent bottle. A very remarkable point in connexion with the
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is diseased the probability is that the infection has occurred by way
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in the throat and chest. They are the voices of others speak
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was appointed to the ofRce. Mr. Chewett was made Deputy
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that it must be something that is useful at the time or calculated