September, 2016

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temperature continues at this height for days and then falls either by
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Konig s book is probably unsurpassed by any other volume
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I have tried the immediate feeding on several other
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about the thickness of an ordinary lead pencil one inch to
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doses fortified by digitalis are followed by reduction of
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William Spellacy MD Sponsor DuPage County Medical Society
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the increased blood pressure in the great vessels. There is also under
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should restrict themselves to n simple but nutritious diet. After an
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day following his first attempt at walking he complained
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of congestion was found at the base of the right lung and
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dates of the most important steps in the progress which has
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vidual. This difference in point of time makes the dis
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quantity of strychnine as indicated in the foregoing
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tension of the hands and fingers entirely lost. The
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organic disease of the kidneys. What then shall we give
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E. Kingman dealt more especially with the examination of the
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stipation might be absolute and on forced movement of
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persons into fatal Consumption than are destroyed by
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refractoriness of certain rats to the tumor is due to the
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another winter in Philadelphia to further perfect him
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and free from oil. globules numerous granular nuclei and
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the lower third or fourth of the left chest tympanitic and if
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with some medicines the chemical change determining