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one balcony attached to it so that every patient whatever

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of which does not exceed five millimeters about three sixteenths of an

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place in thirty six hours and seems to be principally caused by paralysis

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guishable. The chief characteristics are pain in the

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Pathological Histology. The investigations made by the

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istics of a textbook this distinction has not been lost.

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degree of transparency of the cornea but also that the pain

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Trail Creek. Tributary of Lake Michigan at Michigan City. The

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erly saturated with oxygen in proportion to the degree of cyanosis and

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inspiratory and expiratory sounds will indicate compression of the trachea

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syphilitic amygdaloid glands and at this stage are quite indistinguishable from

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only uses the scalpel and the latter howls his friendly chaff

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true skin loses by the loss of the nervous mucus much

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face becoming distorted then extend rapidly to the arms body

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something about its prevention little about its actual

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is dry ointments are to be preferred to powders. Of the powders

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surface in the course of the week also that from thirty to

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appeared to be of any service. Perplexed and distressed

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If valvular disease or dilatation of the heart exist exercise should be

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last indefinitely preserved in this way. unless punc

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berculosis and muscular rheumatism. After a lapse of six

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step in advance will be doing a graceful act of respect not

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were fatal. It would seem that operative interference whether

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both lay and medical that a quarantine is not somew hat superfluous.

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the Hospital he had a fistula below the left buttock which

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equipment on the local Senior Ordnance Store Officer clothing and

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affords the purest example of oligaemia. A considerable amount of blood in

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cases in all rectal and vaginal explorations where there

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method should be more often used in patients giving

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ing the operation a small quantity of pus escaped. When the patient was

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short he went around the umbilicus and extended his incision making

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little if any thirst perfect loss of strength especially of the legs with

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enough also in connection with a lesion of the skin. Hartzell has

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a cushion upon the child s head to receive the weight of

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nuclear mother myelocytes or polymorphonuclear giant leukocytes.

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Chapin states that many contagious hospitals have been maintained

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of the preceding groups. None of the infants however were in a

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is but fair to observe were strenuously opposed to the

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bacillus distinguishes it from other forms of pseudo membranous